Diwali Celebration 2020

Diwali Celebration 2020

We at Vardan truly believe in the moto work hard and party hard. In India, Diwali is considered to be the most auspicious as well as loved festival of all. This time we decided to organize a Diwali Mela for all our staff.

The staff was divided into 5 groups

1. Environment Team

2. Food and Microbiology Team

3. Pharma Team

4. EIA Team

5. Mechanical and Acc team

Each team was given a space stall to decorate and were asked to organize any 3 games of their choice. This way everybody had their share of fun and a little earning from the collection of games. After weeks of planning and hard work, on the final day, each stall looked amazingly decorated, everyone looked beautiful in their Indian attire, the food was finger licking and liked by all and most important we all had a lot of fun.

We also had an amazing Antakshri competition between the teams accompanied by the Dhol wala. This was followed by prize distribution for the best stall decoration, best dressed Male and best dressed Female.

At the end of the Mela, we all danced and exchanged Diwali wishes before we left for the most awaited holiday of the year.