Sport Day

Sport Day, 2021

Vardan has always made tremendous efforts to keep the team members motivated and excited. This year we decided to organize a Sports Day for our all our hard-working family members who had made computers and their working stations as their best friends. Who knew we would find such talented people amongst ourselves?

Sports teaches a lot of things like –
• It teaches you character,
• It teaches you to play by rules.
• It teaches you team effort,
• It teaches you to know what it feels to lose or win,
• It teaches you about life.

Everyone was divided into 4 teams. Further, with the help of chit picking it was decided who would play what. This broke their comfort of sticking around with same group of people and make new friends by getting to know each other.

Atotal of 4 games were played
1. Relay Race
2. Kho Kho
3. Tug of War
4. Cricket

The rules were made clear to all, with few rounds of practice and we were good to get down to the battle field.

On the final day, each individual was filled with passion. Teams made their personalized T-shirts to distinguish one another, they created banners and cheered for all their friends and team members. Accumulative scores of each game decided the ultimate winner of Sports Day. This was carried forward with a tasty buffet. As we all shed our blood and sweat this day, we were monstrously hungry. We then moved on to the medal and certificate distribution.

Each individual that performed outstandingly from every department, was felicitated with an award and a certificate. At the end of prize distribution ceremony, the most awaited medals of the WINNING TEAM in SPORTS DAY were distributed.

And not to miss our dance party, everyone is always shy at first but when we all start dancing, there is no stopping. With each passing year, we grow more stronger with our bonds, making us a big family.